Country Roads Animal Rescue is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of animals. Our goal is to provide humane education to the public, information on low cost spay-neuter, and advise on animal related situations.  A very few CAN NOT accept all the responsibility, this is a huge national problem that musy be delt with on a community basis.   

If you witness animal abuse or neglect of any kind, YOU are responsible for contacting the proper authorities!
  • CALL state or local police
  • CALL local animal protective services
  • CALL your city officials
Calling us to report an incident of abuse will not result in action being taken. We have no authority to go on private property without permission, or to confront individuals.

Even with the difficult economic times that we are facing, abandoning your pet is NOT an option. If you are no longer able to care for your animal, please call your local animal shelter, veterinarian, or rescue for information about rehoming your pet. 
If you call, e-mail or write us with intentions of causing harm to an animal we will inform the proper authorities!
We will be happy to list your pet on our site for rehoming, you will need to send all information and pics.  This is the best we can do.  We apologize to the animals.